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Safeguarding Policy 

 New Research 

The contribution and motivation of faith-based volunteers in a UK antislavery partnership: a case study

This is an accredited manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Practical Theology, 10 July 2023, available at: 


      Together Free's New Publication from SCM Press 

Beginning with the narratives of survivors who experienced labour exploitation, sexual exploitation and domestic exploitation, the book shows how practitioners and theologians respond to these narratives through exploring theologies of suffering, ecology, missiology, restorative justice, trinitarian theology and liberation theology.

Offering faith responses from organisations such The Salvation Army, The Clewer Initiative, BMS World Mission and Rene Cassin the volume also includes a final resource section with prayers and liturgy for survivors and victims as well as for church and community responses.The book includes a forward by the Rt Hon Theresa May MP and an opening prayer by the Most Revd Justin Welby.                                     £22 + p&p

modern slavery and safeguarding guide

Explore Together Free's Guide to Modern Slavery and Safeguarding. With case studies and resources this safeguarding guide is for community and faith groups. Download by pressing the link below.

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