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Together we can help stop Modern Slavery through knowing how to Spot the Signs. The signs may include one or more indicators below. Further signs are given relating to the different forms of exploitation. 


•   Regularly dropped off / picked up, often in crowded minibus

•   Rarely allowed to travel alone

•   Restriction and control of movement and confinement to the workplace or to a limited area 

Rusty Campervan



•   Signs of psychological trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder) 

•   Reluctant to seek help

•   Distrustful of authorities and fear of police

•   Afraid of deportation or being handed over to authorities 

•    The person acts as if instructed by another 

•   Substance misuse 

•    The person’s words seem scripted and rehearsed

•   Doesn’t know home or work address 

•   Lack of access to medical care 

•   Limited social contact/isolation 

•   Limited contact with family

Subway Station


•   Expression of fear or anxiety 

•   Untreated injuries and signs of physical or psychological abuse

•   Evidence of sleep disturbance

•   Limited access to bathroom of hygiene facilitates

•   Malnourished 

•   Wearing same clothes everyday 

•    No or little safety equipment worn, even if work requires it

Man in sweatshirt on beach

Other Indicators

•   Found in or connected to a type of location likely to be used for exploitation 

•   Passport or documents held by someone else 

•   They are in debt to their employer 

•   They are paid little or nothing for their work

•   Money is deducted from salary for food or accommodation 

•   Threats against the individual or their family members 

•   Being placed in a dependency situation 

•   Offering a service that seems especially cheap

Mobile Caravan

Report Modern Slavery 

If the person is in immediate

 call the Police on


To get help or report a suspicion call the

Modern Slavery Helpline:

0800 0121 700 

Labour Exploitation 


Spot the Signs

Sexual Exploitation 


Spot the Signs 

Girl Gazing

Domestic Exploitation 


Spot the Signs 

Forced Criminal Exploitation


Spot the Signs 

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