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Together Ending Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking 


Being Person-centred: We stand with, and walk alongside, those suffering the injustices of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We believe that all are equal and have inherent dignity and worth. We therefore seek opportunities to enable individuals to experience life in all its fullness. We strive to find ways to holistically address the issues that trap people in patterns of exploitation and abuse.

Acting at the Grassroots: We believe that through community and collaboration, we can prevent Modern Slavery and protect and support those escaping exploitation. We encourage individuals to listen and learn from each other so that together we can tackle the root causes of Modern Slavery. As we assist in courageous and creative strategies for freedom we aim to be humble, accountable and transparent.

Seeking Justice: We seek to be bold in challenging the injustice that leads to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We believe that justice brings freedom, restoration and transformation for individuals and communities. We desire to give a practical expression to the love and responsibility we have to each other within our communities by being unafraid to speak out and act against injustice.

Pursuing Freedom: We join in God’s mission to set ‘the imprisoned free’ (Luke 4:18). We work for freedom that is both from persecution, oppression and slavery and towards (a capacity to build and embrace) fully human experiences of life. We work hopefully in the light of God’s promise that we all will finally live in freedom.

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